How to make home-made bird feeders

Winter is the time of year that the birds really need you to put out food in your garden.

Some great ideas on how to make bird feeders from recycled materials

Now according to BirdWatch Ireland, the natural food sources of fruit, berries, nuts and seeds have been depleted. Furthermore, the weather is cold meaning small birds have to use more energy to stay warm, and the days are shorter meaning there’s less time to find food to recoup lost energy. To find out more about feeding garden birds, click here.

Here are some quick and simple ideas for home made bird feeders to make for your own garden or the surrounding Taney area:

Peanut butter based feeders:

Pine cone bird feeders are so easy to make using peanut butter and seeds. Bonus: collecting the pinecones is an activity in itself!

Look no further than your food cupboard to make this edible cone bird feeder using an ice cream cone, peanut butter and seeds. – (idea from: Dereila Nature Inn)

Edible Cone Bird Feeder

Bread bird feeders are great for using up stale end of a loaf or crusts that no-one eats. – (idea from: CBC Parents)

how to make a break bird feeder

You can turn a paper plate into a bird feeder in a jiffy and doesn’t require any special tools to make it! Again uses peanut butter and seeds, with cheerio breakfast cereal strung along the hangings (idea from: Happyhooligans).

Turn a paper plate into a bird feeder

Feed a whole flock of birds with this twig and toilet roll bird feeder. It’s like a birdy buffet! – (idea from: Summer Project Ideas)

How to make a birdy buffet feeder from toilet roll

Fruit and other leftovers feeders:

  1. Fill empty orange rinds with a variety of nuts, seeds, berries and grains to make orange cup bird feeders  – (idea from: happy hooligans) or hang citrus bird feeders around the garden. – (idea from: Mama Papa Bubba)
How to make an orange cup bird feeder

A  fruit and grain bird feeder is a great way to use up old cereal and fruit that’s past its prime and thread on to pipe-cleaners or equivalent. – (ideas from: CBC Parents and happy hooligans

Use recycled materials from around the home:

  1. With a little paint and ribbon, you can transform your recyclables into a colourful set of tin-can bird feeders. These little paint tin feeders look so pretty and inviting hanging all together. – (idea from: Mom Endeavours)
How to use recycled materials from around the home

Put your recyclables from the bin to good use! Grab a cardboard box, empty bottle or milk carton and some paint and make an upcycled bird feeder such as juice carton “owl” bird feeder – (idea from: Red Ted Art). simple plastic jug bird feeder– (idea from: Happy Hooligans) or spoons and soda bottle bird feeder!- (idea from: Messy Fingers Science).

Ideas to upcycle household items into Bird feeders

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